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Sun, Oct. 25th, 2009, 04:24 pm
Britt's party

The most kick ass birthday cake ever. I loved it!

Fri, Jun. 12th, 2009, 10:05 pm

Anyone know a lot about cars and body work?
I do believe my car may be totaled.

Fluidity right?

Thu, Jun. 11th, 2009, 02:39 pm

I had to do my very first involuntary committment to a state psychiatric hospital. It's kind of rough.

I also cuss too much.

I should really start to screen where I say the F word.

Mon, Jun. 1st, 2009, 04:43 pm
totally fired

Last weekend Josh and I attended the health care is a human right rally and then we attended the phuck phelps walk. It was fantastic. While there I was able to catch up with my friend Grace who is also a breast feeding mama. She works with the Le Leche League alot. I told her about my dileman of PCOS and metformin and breastfeeding. So while we talked about it she informed that I should never just take my dr's opinion but that I should see out people who actually focus strictly on breastfeeding and meds. As it turns out...

1. It's completely ok for me to take metformin and breastfeed.
2. My dr was too lazy to see if research was done on it.
3. Lots of women who have PCOS continue the metformin through pregnancy and breastfeeding.
4. The reason for my modest milk supply is becuase of PCOS being untreated.
5. Some women take metformin to INCREASE their supply even without being diagnosed PCOS.

More of the story...
fuck you Dr.

Tue, May. 26th, 2009, 02:28 pm

The clients are singing karoke.

Tue, May. 26th, 2009, 12:54 pm
any idiot

I went to the Dr today about my Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. He said if I wanted to start meds that I have to stop breastfeeding and I'm just not sure I'm ready. Part of it is because I love cuddling my baby and nursing him. It feels so natural. But the other part of me doesn't want to deal with explaining to other women why I've stopped. I dont produce as much milk as I used to. That's a fact and I have a brand new expensive 300 dollar pump that I want to get some use out of. I plan on using it with my next child as well. And without the meds I can get cysts on my ovaries, surgery, infertility, weight gain (already got it), inablity to lose weight and unable to ovulate. But we've made it this long with out the meds (9 mos pregnancy and 7 mos breastfeeding.) time to throw in the hat? Idk. But it's open for discussion if you've got some ideas or opinions.

Both of my bosses are out sick today. It's almost embarassing the lack of work I'm getting done.

The clients are on a roll today and we're having a lot of behaviors. I can hear them  yelling. I'm going to go out there and mediate and have some counseling in my office.

I love long weekends.

Fri, May. 22nd, 2009, 08:55 am


There has to be a seperation of church and state. This is aboslutely ludacris that senators and the legislative branches would spend time working on a bill about a "year of the bible" when obviously there are much more important things happening like a recession, a WAR, and well let's be honest almost anything should take precidence of this.

This is not a Christian country. This is a free country. Stop polluting it with your non sense.

Thu, May. 21st, 2009, 04:46 pm
what to do?

I don't know what to do with my life if there are no new episodes on Thursdays. Maybe I'll finally watch all of those damned net flix or attempt to read if Britton allows.

Today has gone by fast and has been fairly unproductive. I spent 2 hours in meetings...well almost 3 really. wow.

3 day weekend!!! And now that I'm a "department head" It's paid.

I can't believe I'm actually a social worker. It feels good.

I love advocating.

I think we're going to go to the Unitarian Universalist cook out.

Mon, May. 18th, 2009, 01:10 pm

Saturday I graduated!!! I'll post pics later when I'm not pumping at work.

Sat. night we went to Dave and Busters. I had Hello Kitty cake and played a bunch of games. I had a really good time. IT was so nice to see Alyssa and Cale and everyone who came. Josh and I had so much fun together.

Yesterday was an awesome day. We went to Fellowship in the morning. I love the way I feel when I leave the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. I really enjoy the sermon and the congregration. I love the social activism and I love how accepting they are. For someone who's an aethist and has a grudge with christianity and religion being forced and non sense, it's a breath of fresh air.

Then we did some shopping to get Britton stuff. Came home and worked on our garden. My tomatos are growing!!!! I'm soooo happy about this. And I think my flowers will start growing as well. I'm really hoping for the pumpkins I planted for Britton. I want him to have one to carve for Halloween. We also super cleaned the house and now it looks fantastic.

My dad has been more active lately but I know he's still miserable in pain. I hope that it gets better.

I just ate lunch and now I feel like crashing out.

IF you're in the Topeka area on the 30th, my family will be at the Capitol to her our minister talk about universal health care. Then we're going to Gage park at 2 for the "Million Fag March" which is a peaceful protest against the Phelps.

I hope to see ya there!!

Josh starts his new job next Tuesday. It's going to be so different dropping Britton off in the mornings again. But it'll only be 2 days a week. Josh and I will get a big set back in the amount of time we spend together. He works 12 hr shifts on my days off =(

Wed, Apr. 29th, 2009, 08:41 am
think I'm gonna win.

I have 2 more days at JAAA until I'm all done here. It will be so nice to not have to break up my week between my internship, class and a job. I have today and Friday and then I am complete! Woot! I can't believe how close I am to being done. Josh and I were talking about frames from my diploma and license and tassle. I want to hang it up in my new office. I'm so excited. I think I'm going to go for my masters later on in life when I don't have a young child. I just want to enjoy my kid for as long as I can. And they're having a luncheon for me today. I would like to sneak off to my bank and put my last check from Valeo in. They gave my last check to Lisa? And I wanted to go and get something nice for my field instructor. Even though it's been kinda shitty, atleast I've gotten a lot of homework done here and I've been able to fuck off a pretty good amount.

My dad has a dr's appointment today for the lumps on his collar bone. He also has one on his shoulder. I'm so worried about him. He's been very ill lately. Still barely able to stand or walk for very long. He's not able to do much around the house but enjoys cuddling Britton every chance he has. I'm so scared that the lumps could be cancer. I'm hoping it's something simple like a cyst or a bone regrowth because it's close to his shunt. Maybe it's calcium build up? I'm just hoping for the best. It could be a begnin tumor. I'm hoping that one that's resolved they'll be able to fix my dad's side and figure out what's going on there. I know he's just miserable in pain. I talked to my dad about the lump and he said if it's cancer he's going to fight it. He wants to watch Britton grow up. I don't think that I could live without my father. I don't think I'd know what to do with myself. I'm not ready now or ever to be without my dad. I think Britton would be disadvantaged for never getting to really know my dad and have memories with him.

I went to my mom's yesterday to give her a walker. I also brought her dinner and brought pictures and Britton. She snuggled Britton for a while and they had fun together. My mom and I had a really long talk about my childhood and why I was so angry for so long and we talked for a while about hers. It was really nice to get it all out.

Afterwards Josh came home with a demo that he had made with Noah. I thought his voice sounded so cute and sweet. I could tell it was him right away. We stayed up for a long time talking last night. Then we had some reallllly great alone time.

I called Josh's mom when we got into our wreck and told her that Britton was very fussy, screaming and crying. She was really nice to me and said that I should have called sooner and told me that she cared. She gave me some tips on massaging Britton and laying him on soft surfaces. He may have had some whip lash and was sore. I gave him some tylenol and he seems back to normal now. The next day she called and asked if I was home because she wanted to talk to me. I was working. She and Josh talked for a while and she actually admitted that she was jealous of the relationship we have with my father. She said that she feels competitve with him sometimes (even though my dad is the most non competetive person.) She talked about how she was sorry for the things she said to me and understood how it could upset me. I was floored when I got home and heard this. She told Josh that I could call her anytime and that I'm always welcome at her house to visit. Strange....not sure if I trust it but I'm a decently gaurded person.

I'm looking forward to Ashley and Chuck's wedding this weekend. I think it's going to be a nice ceremony and it'll be good to see them and spend time with them.

Oh it's only 8:30. Please let this day go fast.

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